Sunday, 17 July 2016

Chia Seeds’ Protein Content

Chia Seeds Protein

Not all types of protein are created equal. Certain factors are used to separate the quality of proteins and one such factor is the amino acid profile. This helps to distinguish proteins deemed superior from others. Chia seeds are a complete and high quality protein because they contain all the amino acids necessary for forming proteins in the body.

Chia Seeds Protein

Fish Oil Is an Essential Supplement for Kids?



Even if your child likes to eat fish, it is unlikely that they are getting enough of the nutrients they need from it. In fact, the specific nutrients needed are omega-3s and DHA. Fish for dinner sounds like a good plan, but you must be careful. As a rule of thumb, large fish, such as tuna, should only be served once a week to children to avoid an overdose of mercury.

fish oil for kids